Josh Kuiros


2018 Books

December 31, 2018

Below are some of my favorite books that I read over the past year. 🎧- Audiobook 📕- Kindle Shoe Dog by Phil Knight 🎧 Covers the founding and growth of Nike, loved the intersection of sports and…

Composing OR Queries in Rails 5.x

November 13, 2018

Rails 5 introduced the #or method to ActiveRecord::Relation. Combining ActiveRecord::Relation#or with lazy evaluation, you can compose dynamic OR queries that are pure ActiveRecord and protected from…

Programming Variable Casing

December 08, 2017

camelCase / lowerCamelCase PascalCase / UpperCamelCase snake_case kebob-case Train-Case MACRO_CASE

Best Way to Set up Ctags with Neovim and Vim 8

November 05, 2017

Ctags are a great way to navigate large projects when using Vim or Neovim by jumping to definition with a simple command. With the recent addition of async jobs in Vim 8 and Neovim, you can now…

4 Underrated Git Commands

October 26, 2017

1. List Branches by Last Modified For the branch hoarders out there, this one is for you. 2. Add Hunks of Patch This is a great alternative to the nuclear git add -A command. It allows you to…